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Ceremic Series

Ceremic Series

Our ceremic series are made of advanced, high-tech ceramic called Zirconium oxide (also called Zirconia). Zirconia is second in hardness only to diamound and it has a hardness of 8.2mohs (vs steel at 5-6 mohs and diamond at 10 mohs).
Ceramic knife brings you a lot of benefits compare to traditional steel knife. 

Advantages using Ceramic Kitchen Knives : 

        * Hygienic & Rust Proof

The ceramic blade will not stain rust, roll at the edge, or impart any metallic taste or smell of  food.

           * Ultra-Sharp Long Life Blade

Holds its edge much longer than steel. Lasts many months or years without re-sharpening.

        * Easy to clean

Non-stick ceramic surface makes for easy clean-up

        * Easy to Use

Lightweight and perfect balance make it a pleasure to use.




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